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Monitronics Honored with 5th Frost & Sullivan Award

by Moni Blogger | Mar 18, 2015

Global market research firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized Monitronics as Company of the Year in the North American Residential Security Services industry for 2014. It is the fifth time that Monitronics has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for best practices in growth, innovation and leadership in the home security industry.

Monitronics-International-Award-Logo_220Monitronics was first honored by Frost & Sullivan in 2008, and subsequently in 2010, 2011 and 2013. The latest honor was presented at a gala dinner on Tuesday, March 10, in San Diego, Calif.

“Monitronics’ holistic approach toward providing an innovative and complete solution, coupled with its strong focus on customer value and customer satisfaction, clearly demonstrates the company’s expertise in the residential security services market,” said Shekar Gopalan, senior partner at Frost & Sullivan.

Monitronics continued to build its reputation as an industry leader in 2014 as recipient of the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) award, an industry-wide recognition of the company’s commitment to reducing false alarms. Monitronics had the distinction of being the first monitoring specialist, as opposed to an installation-focused company, to receive the award.

The company’s large national presence is defined by a consistently high level of customer service and a commitment to a dedicated network of authorized dealers. Customers select equipment from the industry’s leading home security brands and receive 24-hour monitoring from Monitronics’ Alarm Response Center, which continues to win awards for its efforts to improve response times and reduce false alarms through consumer awareness.

“In an increasingly competitive climate, we remain strongly committed not only to providing outstanding customer service, but also to working with our dealers to help them achieve success,” said Bruce Mungiguerra, Monitronics vice president of operations. “We’re proud that Frost & Sullivan has chosen to honor our commitment and innovation for a fifth time.”

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